The Dangers of Fast Weight Loss

Of course you want to lose unsightly, embarrassing weight as fast as humanly possible. Your urge to get thin only gets worse as summer gets nearer. All those weight loss advertising promises to drop 15 or 30 pounds in 2 weeks or a month don’t help, either.

Reality check: losing weight too fast can be dangerous and at best it’s not healthy. (more…)

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Dietary Fat Facts – Should You Eliminate Fats When Dieting?

There are so many different kinds of fats. Many foods naturally include various fat types to complicate matters. As you may know, some of those fats are healthier than others.

When you’re dieting, have you been tempted to get rid of as many fats as possible?

If so, then that’s not the best or healthiest choice. You don’t have to avoid all fat consumption when you’re trying to lose weight. The topic of dietary fat has been in the media for years which is a good thing because it has raised general awareness about the subject. (more…)

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The start of a weight loss journey is always full of hopes and expectations, but as most people go through with it, the fact that reaching those expectations requires a great amount of effort becomes increasingly apparent, which has a very crushing effect on many. The truth is that the only thing which a human being really needs in order to go through with a program is weight loss motivation. While it may sound like a cliché, motivation is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, changing our perception of the obstacles in front of us, making us care about whether or not we overcome them. If you are having trouble with staying focused, motivated and keeping your eyes on the prize, then perhaps you should try to implement to following tips into your life. (more…)

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